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What Is the basement wiring?

Know the methods of basement wiring

There are two general methods for basement wiring; surface and recessed methods. In the surface method, as its name suggests, the wiring is done on the surface of the walls and ceiling. This method does not need to dig a channel and carve on the walls. The wires are seen without pipes or any protection on the walls, which is the biggest drawback of this method. The surface method is mainly used as supplementary electroplating. So, it is used in places that are not visible if the building’s electricity needs more lighting; in recessed wiring, all the wires are inside the pipe, and the lines are inside the channel. In this method, you must dig a canal to install the pipes. Recessed electrification is the usual method of electrification of all kinds of buildings.

Basement Wiring

Electrical wiring is one of the systems that an electrician implements. Typically, standard wiring does not cause a problem, but you cannot ignore the wear and tear of wires and electrical circuits over time. Working on the building’s electrical cables, switch, and socket branches requires specialized knowledge. People not trained in wiring should not try to open and repair switches and sockets just by having a phase meter and a screwdriver. For example, when installing a chandelier on the ceiling, you should check the insulation of the wires in advance. Installing a sensor lamp is not something you can do without expertise. It would be best if you did not ignore the dangers of high-voltage shocks. Distribution boxes, fuses, and even simple switches and sockets can also fail.

Note: Be sure to test with a voltmeter before working on electrical circuits. If it shows a number, there is still current in the circuit. If you don’t have experience, get help from an electrician, like KCS Group, to save your life.

KCS Group Basement Wiring Services

Implementation and repairs of basement electricity, reconstruction and renovation of wiring, duct installation, troubleshooting of basement electricity, connection repair, repair and replacement of electric fuse, miniature switch, fuse box, and electrical panel, installation of various chandeliers, lighting, replacement of switches, and other electrical accessories, and cabling of HVAC systems are among the services provided by KCS Group. Contact the experts of KCS Group to ensure the electrical wiring of your basement.



our commitment to round-the-clock service includes these areas as well. If you’re a property manager with business or residential properties spread across multiple municipalities, you can still rely on the pros you know at KCS Group on short notice. That includes midnight calls and weekends.

We take all safety measures based on existing standards so that your workplace and home are safe. We guarantee your devices will always be on using quality equipment, cables, and proper and safe wiring.

No matter the time of day or night, our electricians are available. Our commitment to meeting our clients’ needs never wavers. This means that when you reach out at 3:00 AM with an electrical emergency, one of our licensed electricians can be onsite within a few hours.


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