Exterior Lighting Of The Building

The building’s exterior is the first factor in creating visual appeal, and in other words, the first factor in introducing the type and quality of the building. Therefore, the exterior lighting design of various buildings, in addition to making the building visible in the dark at night, also increases the overall attractiveness and creates a beautiful atmosphere in the city.

During the day, due to sufficient light and the surrounding environment of the building, the external facade is transparent, but at night, we can no longer see the exterior; that is why it’s lit correctly is very important and creates beauty and attractiveness. Most of the building is also turned. In the past, people used facade lighting only in shops, large commercial and cultural structures, and famous buildings such as museums.

Exterior Lights

Exterior lighting at night

One of the primary and most essential parts of a facade is its lighting. Facade lighting at night makes your facade shine like a diamond.

Today, we see that many buildings have been able to multiply the attractiveness of the facade by using lighting.

If the lighting is done following the facade’s design, it creates an impressive and eye-catching effect.

So, never underestimate the lighting of your facade and entrust its design to the most experienced company like the KCS Group so that you won’t regret it.

Why KCS Group?

We can do the exterior lighting differently, and the type of lighting may change according to your taste and budget. You should first analyze the architectural plan and design the lighting in this case. Lighting design is done in two ways.

  1. Simultaneously with the design of the plans
  2. after the design



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