Installing A Smoke Detector

A smoke detector or fire alarm system is considered an essential piece of equipment for buildings today. For several years, the installation of smoke detectors has been considered one of the construction standards, and the supervising engineer checks the smoke sensor thoroughly when checking the buildings. It is interesting to know that the installation location of the smoke sensor is not only for today’s buildings, towers, and parking, but you can install smoke detectors for the kitchen, bedroom, and corridors.

 How does a smoke detector work?

There are gaps in the smoke detector that smoke and heat enter the sensors inside when there is a fire. The fire alarm of this sensor sounds when the infrared light is reduced due to smoke. In this way, the sensors are activated, and electricity is generated.

Smoke sensor location standards

Installation height of the smoke sensor: consider the maximum coverage area of ​​the detector to be 100 square meters, and pay attention to the fact that the distance of any point from the detector should not exceed 7.5 meters. The height range for the system connected to the central fire alarm station and the places where the fire brigade reaches the location of the fire within 5 minutes is 15 and 10.5 meters.

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