Lights Fixture

Light Fixture (Interior Lighting)

Maybe in the past, we only saw lighting in office buildings and glamorous arcades, and only a tiny incandescent lamp was responsible for lighting the exterior of residential buildings. But nowadays, lighting is considered a science that is used abundantly, even in residential towers and villas.

But the implementation of essential lighting in the exterior and interior of the building has important points and standards. If you stay with KCS Group until the end of this article, we will introduce you to the principles of lighting, its styles, and methods.

We have come to the most popular part of every home, the kitchen, which houses a wide range of lighting types. Knowing how to light each part of the kitchen will make this place much more practical.

Lights Fixture

One of the critical principles in lighting large and small kitchens is that you should light up areas such as the hood, the sink, the cabinets, and the entire kitchen space. For this purpose, you can combine general and accent lighting.

For example, light up the kitchen entrance hallway with a modern hanging chandelier or install halogen wall sconces with modern shapes, pedestal Ex luminaire, and spotlights.

Lighting services of KCS Group

With KCS lighting solutions used in the interior in GTA, we talk about the fixture separate from the luminaire. The luminaire is the light-emitting element, plus the control unit and enclosure around it.



our commitment to round-the-clock service includes these areas as well. If you’re a property manager with business or residential properties spread across multiple municipalities, you can still rely on the pros you know at KCS Group on short notice. That includes midnight calls and weekends.

We take all safety measures based on existing standards so that your workplace and home are safe. We guarantee your devices will always be on using quality equipment, cables, and proper and safe wiring.

No matter the time of day or night, our electricians are available. Our commitment to meeting our clients’ needs never wavers. This means that when you reach out at 3:00 AM with an electrical emergency, one of our licensed electricians can be onsite within a few hours.


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