Power Transformer Installation Services

One of the most important and widely used transformers is the power transformer. It is commonly used in power generation and distribution stations for step-up and step-down voltage.

There are many reasons for using power transformers in electrical systems. But one of the most critical and straightforward reasons is reducing power losses during transmission.

How power transformers work

The power transformer works on the principle of Faraday’s Law of Electromagnetic Induction. The fundamental law of electromagnetism explains how inductors, motors, generators, and electrical transformers work.

This law says: “When a closed loop or short conductor approaches a changing magnetic field, a current is created in that closed loop.”

Power transformer installation steps

The power transformer is the second most expensive device installed in power systems. Therefore, when installing a new power transformer in a post, you should pay special attention to its installation process.

While accessing the interior of it, the concerned worker must empty his pockets of all miscellaneous goods so that there is no danger of objects falling inside the transformer. Also, you must tie the tools used during work with linen tape to recover them if they lose inside the transformer.

You should not use hemp as a transformer cleaning material, as its fibers may remain even after cleaning and affect the insulation properties of the equipment in the future. You can use a clean cotton cloth without loose threads.

Generally, many power transformer parts are shipped separately from manufacturers. It is better to properly clean all parts or components shipped separately inside and out before place in the transformer body. It is also necessary to pay special attention to the internal surfaces of rusted elements.

 Transformer Installation.


Transformer oil and cellulose-based insulation materials in transformers absorb moisture quickly, so you must be very careful with transformers’ transformer oil and cellulose-based insulation parts. Transformer oil is closed in steel cylinders and transported separately without penetration. This oil is highly flammable, so no flame should come near transformer oil.

Different manufacturers supply the main body of the power transformer without or with oil insulation inside. In both cases, it is better to circulate warm and dry oil through it so that its temperature is 5 to 10 degrees Celsius higher than the ambient temperature.

It would be best to allow external access to the interior of the tank. Then you should spread hot and dry oil in the transformer, and the transformer should be open. The oil pump and all pipe fittings must be airtight. Otherwise, air will be placed in vulnerable places like the coil.



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